The Pershing Rifles Group

The Pershing Rifles Group (PRG) is a 501(c)10 non-profit organization that exists to provide advice, assistance and support to its member organizations; it is the parent organization of the National Societies of Pershing Rifles, Blackjacks, and the National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association. The PRG made its beginnings in 2008 as an effort to bring together various alumni groups of Pershing Rifles Alumni under one umbrella. Over time, the ability of ROTC programs across the country to provide resources to Pershing Rifles companies has continuously diminished, resulting in a decline in membership and the operational capabilities of the National Headquarters. The PRG set out to fill that void and to ensure that the Society had the means necessary to flourish and grow.

Founded in 1991, the National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association (NSPRAA) is the official alumni association of Pershing Rifles. If you are a P/R alumnus and want to learn more about becoming a member, visit www.NSPRAA.org

The National Society of Blackjacks was established in 1967 by the Pershing Rifles and it became a national organization in 1972. Blackjacks was reconstituted in 2012 as the secondary (high school) school counter part to Pershing Rifles.

Originally known as the Coed Affiliates of the Pershing Rifles (CAPERS), the National Society of Pershing Angels was established in 1962. Today, Pershing Angels is the oldest continuously operating women’s college organization dedicated to drill.